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Foot & Ankle

Treatment Options 

With poor foot and ankle health, we are less likely to engage in physical activity and can even lose time at work. Some of the most common foot & ankle conditions we see are as follows:


  • Fractures

  • Cartilage Defects 

  • Tendon Disorders Including The Achilles

  • Recurrent Sprains

What Are The Symptoms of a Foot & Ankle Injury?

The types and severity of symptoms of poor foot & ankle health can vary widely but they may include:

  • Feeling like your ankle is going to give out or a general instability of the ankle.

  • Swollen, bruised or tender to the touch

  • Severe pain when participating in an activity that requires you to put your weight on the ankle in question.

  • A visible deformity of the ankle in which it appears to be out of place.

If you feel like your condition is worsening, please contact us today.


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